Services for privately-owned businesses, we are Oldenburg Accountants and Advisors
Services for privately-owned businesses, we are Oldenburg Accountants and Advisors

Business Solutions

Not sure that you have accurate financials?

  • We are experts in cleaning up accounting systems.
  • We will prepare accurate financial statements.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the financial position of your business so you can make decisions based on reality instead of operating in the dark.
  • We can train and create controls for your bookkeepers and accounting staff.
  • Need us to dig deep into your records? We perform forensic analyses.


Not tracking profitability?

  • We can set up your accounting system to track profitability by department, product, customer and location.
  • We can perform "what if" scenarios to show how changes you make will impact cash flow or the value of the business.



  • We will measure the performance of your business against peers in your industry.
  • You can then identify areas for improvement in the business.


Income Tax Returns and Tax Planning

  • Our returns stand up to the scrutiny of the IRS.
  • You will get every tax break available to you.
  • We will plan your taxes before year-end, both personally and for the business.
  • Doing business in more than one state? We prepare multi-state tax returns.


Buying new accounting software?

  • We can help you evaluate software you plan to purchase.
  • We can create a customized chart of accounts and set up the accounting system.

Analytical Services

  • We can perform a thorough independent analysis of financial records.
  • Misrepresentation can occur in the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows.
  • We unravel complex financial transactions and present them in a clear, concise manner.


Preparing to Sell Your Business

  • You can plan for the sale of the business by making changes now to get top dollar when you sell.
  • We can structure a tax-favored sale of your business.


Buying a Business

  • We can review the financial statements and tax returns of the business and give you an initial evaluation.
  • We can do a detailed analysis of the business if you decide to move forward.
  • We can do a cash flow projection to determine if you will be profitable and have enough cash to sustain the business at the proposed purchase price.
  • We will review and verify the information in the purchase documents prepared by the attorneys.


Business planning

  • We will walk you through the business plan process.
  • We will establish and help you track the key performance indicators for the critical success factors of your business so you know if your goals are being reached or if you should make adjustments.
  • We can prepare cash flow projections:
    • To help you decide on large equipment purchases.
    • Recognize if you can afford to hire more employees.


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